Hollidaysburg Rail Car Services is located at The DeGol Industrial Center, which was acquired by the DeGol Organization in 2006 from Norfolk Southern. Formally known as the Samuel Rea Car Shops, the facility was constructed by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1956. The footprint encompasses a 350 acre property with the main building of 750,000sq/ft, and 35 miles of railroad track with the capability to hold up to 2,500 railcars.

Hollidaysburg Rail Car Services was established in 2015 to coordinate the storage and transfer of thousands of railcars each year. The facility is directly serviced by Norfolk Southern and centrally located in Pennsylvania, making it within 250 miles of various popular metropolitan areas. Having 17 years’ experience in Class 1 railroad operations, our engineers and conductors will offer safe and dependable railcar services to every customer.

HRCS Timeline


The Pennsylvania Railroad started constructing the Samuel Rea Car Shop in Hollidaysburg.